Current Events

Writing Course in beautiful Carcassone, France with The French House Party 10th - 15th May 2024 - places are still available so please look at the website for further details.

Workshop for Arvon at Huddersfield Literature Festival Saturday 20th April,

Booklaunch for Neither Here Nor There at The Bookcase, Hebden Bridge 11th June 2024 - please email me for details. Special guests Amanda Dalton and Ian Humphreys

I am currently planning further events and launches in Belfast, Manchester and West Yorkshire. Watch this space for details.

The Hebden Bridge Launch has special guests Amanda Dalton and Ian Humphreys joining me and sharing new work, and I am delighted they can join me!

Please email me at for a ticket for the 11th June event in Hebden Bridge as spaces are limited.

Wainsgate Residency, Summer 2023

I had the pleasure of working with dancer Inari Hulkkonen and dancer/filmmaker Lewis Landini on a residency at Wainsgate Chapel in West Yorkshire, exploring the links between poetry, dance and film.

Here is a short sample of my improvised writing in response to the dancers:

The world is off kilter, don’t lose your footing.

Dancing on two legs holds the memory of

When we were sturdy, four legged creatures

Or beings with fins and tails

Swimming in our mother’s mouths

Like little Jonahs, that knew the language of whales.

Anne Caldwell, August 2023

Poetry Film from Wainsgate Residency, Summer 2023 with myself, dance/filmmaker Lewis Landini and dancer Inari Hulkkonen

Collaborative Writing Project 2023- 2024

Anne Caldwell and Jennie E. Owen

I am currently working with fellow poet Jennie Owen on a writing project where we share images and poems over Zoom and write in response to each others' words on a monthly basis. We are presenting this work at a number of festivals and conferences this summer in London, Belfast and Leeds, discussing the joys and passion for ekphrasis, collaboration and discussing our work together.

Jennie E. Owen's writing has been widely published in anthologies and journals such as 'Tears in the Fence' and 'Acumen'. She teaches creative writing for the Open University and is a PhD candidate at Manchester Metropolitan University focusing on poetry and places of trauma. Her new pamphlet is 'The Horses Still Run' (Flight of the Dragonfly Press, 2024).