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Windows for Burns Night Project

I have just been sent some photos by poet Kim Moore of this fantastic project up in Dumfries. Poems are on display at The Globe Tavern, Robert Burns House Musuem, The Coach and Horses and The Stove in the town in the windows on sheets of acetate. One of my poems is on display for two weeks in January around the Burns Big Supper event, alongside lots of other writers. I hope the good people of Dumfries enjoy all this poetry! The project was organised by Hugh Bryden and Dave Borthwick. They were inspired by Burns himself who inscribed poems himself on the windows of his room using a diamond ring or stylus.

Here is a copy of my poem plus the image:

Spring Garden, Heptonstall

The underside of everything’s turned over:
fresh earth, worm casts, spiders’ nests.

Water shimmies in the trough
and pirouettes all over your yard.

The bench is too wet to sit on yet.
The broom is bright with yellow buds.

Rosemary’s spiked with dried up heads
but it’s re-sprouting. Above

four terracotta pots stand up like coronets.
Snowdrops are sucked mints.

Narcissi shoots are greening the borders.
We’re quick as a voles.

Giddy with daylight
as we clip the yew hedge into spheres.

Beyond the lawn, the lane is winding
up the hill- ribboning the unfenced moors.

Anne Caldwell