Some Girls’ Mothers

Suzanne Batty, Clare Shaw, River Wolton, Anne Caldwell, Nell Farrell, Char March I was part of a performance group called ‘Poets with A Kick’ and our main project was called Some Girls’ Mothers, a book and performance tour.

‘Touching, wounding and humbling.’ Simon Armitage

Here is a quote from a performance as part of Off the Shelf Festival in Sheffield:

‘Thank you and thanks to Anne, Nell and Clare for such a vibrant and polished evening during Off The Shelf. It was fascinating to hear different perspectives on the mother-daughter relationship and the audience was clearly engaged from the very start. The question and answer session was excellent – people obviously felt comfortable talking and sharing their thoughts. I do hope you all enjoyed the evening. Thank you again.’

Judith Adams, Off the Shelf.

‘Beautiful writing. A lovely mix of poignant and funny material, it will touch so many chords with so many mothers and daughters.’ Polly Thomas, Radio and Literature director

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