Here is a YouTube clip from National Poetry Day last year. I was delighted to read as part of the WorkTown Festival Night at Bolton Socialist Club.

You may wish to listen to a podcast of my work that was made in summer 2013 at Leeds Metropolitan University as part of their Contemporary Women Writers series:


Here is another Youtube clip from 2011 – featuring ‘The Underwater House’ sequence of poems:


Here is one of my latest poems – a sonnet that I have written to share the form with my students that is featured in my new collection.

The Winter Solstice

The days can hardly lift themselves and fog

malingers in the silver birch and sulks

the length of dry stone walls. It wraps the moor

and settles in for weeks – no wind to clear

the air. The sheep are hunkered down, lie waiting

for the year to pivot on the hour.

We’re sour as pith. Just when we think we cannot

carry on, (the only option seems

to be to slice ourselves in two like lemon

-halves), we find a way to stay whole,

to celebrate our juice and yellow zest.

We light the stove: we toast the shortest day

with single malt. The kitchen’s bright

and doesn’t fill with smoke.







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