I have five main publications so far in my writing career:

1. Slug Language, Happenstance Press, Scotland, 2008

The pamphlet sold out very quickly and it is no longer available. However, I did take a selection of some of the poems from the pamphlet and included them in my full length collection, including the title poem, ‘Slug Language’ which proved very popular with audiences at readings.

2. Some Girls’ Mothers, Route Publishers, Yorkshire, 2010

Some Girls Mothers Book Cover

I edited this collection of creative non-fiction stories on the theme of mothers and daughters and also wrote a story for the anthology. The other writers in the book are Char March, River Wolton, Suzanne Batty, Nell Farrell and Clare Shaw.

Copies are still available and I can send you one by post if you contact me at

3. Talking with the Dead, Cinnamon Press, Wales, 2011

When this poetry book arrived I had a moment of sheer joy opening up the big box of books quickly followed by the realisation I need to sell them! But still, the moment was worth it.

Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate

4. After Image ; My Father’s City is Full of Gaps  

This limited edition of 30 copies is a book of poems set in Berlin and Aberdeen.

The work was showcased as part of a Summer Festival called ‘The UK meets Berlin’ in Berlin summer 2013 at the Emmerson Gallery.  The artist and bookmaker that I worked with was Jack Wright.

Cover of new book
Cover of new book

5. Painting the Spiral Staircase

My new collection of poetry was out in the Spring of 2016. Helen Mort said:

Like the glass heart evoked in one of Anne Caldwell’s poems, each piece in Painting the Spiral Staircase is ‘full of possibility’, letting light filter through. Delicate but tough, these poems time travel through love and loss. A finely-wrought collection.

You can order a copy from





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