Two events coming up this summer

I have just had a poem published in Magma no.44 and I am delighted as I think it is such a good magazine. I am going to its launch event at The Troubadour in London 8pm on the 22nd June. Please come and join me if you are around that evening. I will post up the poem once the magazine is in production.

Magma issue 43

I am also doing an event with Nell Farrell, Char March and others at the Lowdon Literature Festival on Saturday 20th June at 6.30pm. We are reading from ‘Some Girls’ Mothers.

I have been following quite a lot of material in the papers about the Poet Laureate and want to congratulate Carol Ann – this seems a very important step forward for women and poetry in particular and I am really pleased to see the raised profile the art form has. I just hope the actual Laureate post does not have a detrimental affect on her work. I wonder if there is a better way of celebrating poetry in this country? It seems such an archaic institution. I would prefer something that did not focus on one person and had a wider spread. I would be interested to hear what other people think.

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2 thoughts on “Two events coming up this summer”

  1. Is this ‘leadership’ in action, Anne?

    What pleased me about CA’s appointment is her commitment to getting more poets in schools – as AMotion established the Poetry Archive which highlighted many poets’ voices to a huge audience.

    It’ll be fabulous to have an impetus for connecting poets, from the ground up, with children who might never have thought it possible to write poetry – or even be a poet. A boy in the school I worked in recently decided after my visit he wanted to be a poet when he grew up and give his poems to people who needed them.

    CA accepted the post as a representative of all the women poets writing today. I feel that a focus on one person (while might shadow others) does keep our sights sharp and hopefully the renewed attention on the laureateship will “share the certainty that poetry, the music of being human, matters deeply”.

  2. I can see you point here Sarah. What could be better than a focus on writers in schools? I think I have more of a problem with one unelected person speaking for all women poets (or all poets in general). Carol Ann’s views are laudable – this is not the issue for me. It is the fact that poetry does not have a high profile in our society – compared with theatre, visual arts or music. We are such good value for money!


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