Reading in Berlin

I have just got back from being involved in a festival at the Emerson Gallery in Berlin and doing a reading in English and German. This was my second visit to the city. This time I had an apartment to live in for a week thanks to Russell Radinski, the gallery curator. I therefore managed to do lots of writing and did not quite feel like a tourist!

I also got to grips with the U-bahn and S-bhan systems so I saw a good deal of the city and its varied districts. Highlights were eating black cherries soaked in vodka, and going to dinner with a new friend called Cordula who loves in Berlin. Oh dear. This is sounding very food-related! I have also produced a limited edition book with artist Jack Wright for this event and will be doing a UK launch for the book on Hebden on the 22nd August, 7pm as a guest at Gaia Holme’s event at the BookCase bookshop. It would be great to see you there if you can make it.

anne in Berlin

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One thought on “Reading in Berlin”

  1. I’ve just finished reading your book ‘My Father’s City is Full of Gaps’ (and what a beautiful thing it is to just own, before you’ve even opened it). Your poems, especially those in Aberdeen, are so poignant, touching the core with such pared back use of language. Your father is there, in the negatives, still holding your hand. Thank you – I just love everything a out it. More please 🙂

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